Temporary Tattoos 

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are all the fun of a tattoo without the pain or commitment! For a more realistic look, keep the tattoos black or we can colour the designs with a shimmer powder. The process takes only seconds and the tattoo lasts up to a week (but can easily be removed sooner). We have a wide variety of fashionable designs ranging in size and style.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are suitable for adults and children and are always a popular choice for teenagers. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are waterproof so they are perfect for pool parties and are a huge hit at school disco's, Birthday parties, family fun days, product launches, promotional events and so much more.

Q: Are your tattoos Henna?

No, our Airbrush Tattoos are created with a skin safe alcohol based ink containing F.D.A approved Ingredients. Our Glitter Tattoos use a skin safe professional adhesive. Both methods last up to a week on the skin but can be removed sooner.

Q: How do you remove the tattoos?

Easily, exfoliate the tattood area or rub with household items like baby oil, rubbing alcohol, alcohol based hand sanitiser or even sunscreen. Don’t scrub too hard! These tattoos can be stubborn but with a little effort they will come off.